The Governance Group is an advisory body providing governance and oversight.

Role of the Governance Group

The Governance Group is an advisory body providing governance and oversight.  It is not involved in any technical matters or day to day management of the project but oversees due process to ensure the integrity of the development of INPAG.

The Governance Group also provides strategic input to the future development of international financial reporting guidance for NPOs that can be adopted by national regulators. The Governance Group will oversee the creation of a model for the maintenance and development of NPO financial reporting guidance, and lead on the development of its future funding and governance.  It also advises on implementation planning, including the strategies to support adoption of INPAG.

Read the terms of reference here.


The members of the Governance Group are drawn from the accountancy profession, the donor community and civil society.

Kris Peach

The IFR4NPO project is so important as it will give non-profits everywhere confidence in their financial reporting and build trust with their stakeholders. I think it’s critical to establish the right governance and strategic relationships to ensure INPAG will have sufficient credibility and enforceability to gain international acceptance and adoption, and that it can form a strong basis for future improvements in not-profit sector accountability

Observer Members

The Chairs of the Technical Advisory Group, Practitioner Advisory Group and Donor Reference Group attend as observers to the Governance Group meetings.