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Input from different stakeholders around the world is at the heart of the Guidance development process

Consultation is key

The project is developing Guidance (called INPAG) for financial reports that will be relevant in different contexts and useful for a variety of readers. This is only possible with input from stakeholders: preparers, auditors, and users, including donors and regulators. 

Exposure Draft 1 is open for public comment until 31 March 2023.

How to submit a reponse

Download the response template and fill in your details and comments. Submit your filled template or comment letter using the button here, or email to ifr4npo@cipfa.org before 31 March 2023.

Please note that responses must be in English.

Complete our surveys

If you are submitting a response as an individual (rather than on behalf of an organisation) and you prefer a quicker alternative, please complete these surveys. Including your name and email address is not a requirement, but it will be very helpful for us if you do. Each survey will be available in English, Spanish and French

  • Survey 1 – Describing NPOs / reporting entity: 14 questions – EN | ES | FR
  • Survey 2 – Concept and principles: 8 questions – EN | ES | FR
  • Survey 3 – Presentation of financial statements: 8 questions – EN | ES | FR
  • Survey 4 – Narrative reporting: 8 questions – EN | ES | FR

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