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Exposure Draft 3 is open for comment until 16 September 2024. Input from different stakeholders around the world is at the heart of the Guidance development process.

Consultation is key

The project is developing Guidance (called INPAG) for financial reports that will be relevant in different contexts and useful for a variety of readers. This is only possible with input from stakeholders: preparers, auditors, and users, including donors and regulators. 

INPAG Exposure Draft 3 is open for comment until 16 September 2024. Please let us know if you plan to submit a response by filling out this short form.

How to submit a response

Option 1 - full response

This option is ideal is you are submitting on behalf of an organisation or wish to share detailed comments on one or more issues. The rich qualitative feedback is invaluable. You don’t have to respond to everything.

Submit a response by following the 4-step process below.

Option 2 - survey

This option is ideal if you are responding as an individual. It’s a quicker easier way to share your views after watching the videos or attending the webinars. The quantitative feedback from multiple respondents is incredibly useful.

The survey link will be shared in early September.

Step 1 – 

Download the response template, which contains the ‘Specific Matters for Comment’ and space for your feedback. Rename the file and save it to your device.

Step 2 –

WRAP yourself in the resources found here:

  1. Watch the explainer videos
  2. Read the document text
  3. Attend the webinars
  4. Participate in outreach events

Step 3 – 

Record your opinions into the template. You do not need to answer all the questions. If you have a comment that does not relate to a specific question, use the ‘general feedback’ section at the end. You do not need to use the template document if you prefer to write your own comment letter. If you record your comments in a language other than English, please translate before moving to Step 4.

Step 4 – 

Upload your completed response template using the form below, or email to ifr4npo@cipfa.org. All comments are a matter of public record.