INPAG Exposure Draft 3

INPAG Exposure Draft 3 is open for public comment until 16 September 2024.

INPAG ED3 Launch Video

Overview of INPAG Exposure Draft 3

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Explainer videos

The following explainer videos are being produced – You Tube links will be added as they become available.

  • Overview of ED3 EN | ES | FR
  • Classification of expenses (including fundraising costs) EN | ES | FR
  • Fund accounting EN | ES | FR
  • INPAG and donor reporting (Supplementary statements) EN | ES | FR
  • Illustrative financial statements EN
  • Other topics in ED3 EN | ES | FR


Sign up for the following free webinars, which will support participation in English, Spanish and French. All the webinars are for 1 hour, starting at 12 noon UTC.

Deeper dive

The process to arrive at the proposals in INPAG ED3 started in 2019. To view the videos, webinars, articles and advisory group discussions relating to key topics, follow the links below.


The IFR4NPO Project is keen to hear feedback from relevant stakeholders, not limited to those who are fluent in English. Regrettably we are not in a position to provide the full Exposure Draft text in languages other than English at this time. The reasons relate to i) the Licensing agreements in place ii) the availability of official translations of source text from other standards, iii) availability of resources, and iv) the capacity of the project team to check translations, while also developing material in English for the final guidance, due for release in 2025.

Please also note that licensing arrangements between CIPFA, the IFRS Foundation and IFAC for the use of content from IFRS and IPSAS standards, mean that individuals or organisations may not publish their own unofficial translations, as it would be in breach of copyright.

To mitigate these challenges, the project has provided the following resources in Spanish and French, which will be added in the coming weeks.

  1. A short video providing an overview of Exposure Draft 3;
  2. The Invitation to Comment, including a comprehensive summary and the questions;
  3. A document providing agreed translations for key terms in INPAG (ES | FR)
  4. Explainer videos covering the key proposals;
  5. Multi-lingual webinars on the key topics in July 2024; and
  6. Template response documents (EN | FR | ES).

A team of Spanish and French speaking accountants have volunteered their services to support the project in these translation efforts, and we are truly grateful. It is possible that some translation errors or inconsistencies may arise in our materials or communications, for which we apologise.

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