IFR4NPO around the world

To be internationally applicable and widely adopted, International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance (INPAG) needs to be relevant to the needs of stakeholders in different jurisdictions around the world.

Regional Map

We proactively gather input from a wide range of geographies so that relevant sector stakeholders from every country have the opportunity to share their views and perspectives. Members of the Governance Group (GG), Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) represent this diversity.

To make sure the voices and perspectives from your region are heard, you can:

  • Add your name or logo to our campaign
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Invite key influencers and stakeholders (regulators, accountancy bodies, auditors, NPOs and donors) in your country to join or subscribe
  • Attend events in your country or region
  • Respond to the public consultations here
  • Reach out to your Country Champion or to the project team
  • Volunteer or nominate someone to act as Country Champion if one is not already in place in your country