Centre of Excellence for the study of international non-profit accounting issues.

A Treasure Trove

The section of the website has been created for those interested in diving deeper into the subject of international NPO financial reporting. Explore the accounting issues, review some real NPO financial statements from around the world and read the literature, all conveniently curated in one place.

Accounting Issues

A number of sector specific challenges are being addressed by the IFR4NPO project. For the Consultation Phase, thirteen accounting issues have been considered in detail. Follow the link to explore each one, with a deep dive into the challenges and possible solutions. Find links to the relevant technical papers as discussed by the project’s Advisory Groups.

Financial Statements

One of the most important reasons for developing international guidance is the current diversity in the annual reports and financial statements of non-profit organisations (NPOs). Follow the link to look at examples from all over the world. Share an example from your own country.

Reference Materials

The project team has referenced a number of reports written by researchers and international experts. Follow the link to see examples of national level NPO accounting guidance, academic research papers and other reference materials relevant to the topic of NPO financial reporting.

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