Grant expenses

Grants and donations are made by non-profit organisations (NPOs) to other NPOs and service recipients.

What is the issue?

When NPOs make grants, when should the expense be recognised, particularly if the grantee has to meet certain criteria to be entitled to it? When does a promise create a liability?

We held a webinar to address this topic. You can access the recorded webinar here.

This video (November 2023) explains the proposals for Grant Expenses in INPAG ED2. Click on ‘Watch on YouTube’ to view in French and Spanish.

Deep dive

Watch this video to learn more about:

  • Two categories of grant for accounting purposes
  • The importance of rights and obligations of grantors and grantees in accounting for grants
  • When grant making NPOs should recognise expenditure on grants
  • Practical implications for grant agreements and monitoring arrangements

To read the latest proposals for accounting for grant expenses, read the International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance (INPAG) Exposure Draft 2, Section 24: available here.

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Webinar resources

Check out these video extracts from our 2021 webinar exploring issues and options relating to on Grant expenses, and view all the resources here.

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