Tim Boyes-Watson

Tim Boyes-Watson

Job title: Humentum Associate

Role: Chair, Practitioner Advisory Group IFR4NPO

Region: Europe

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In his previous role as Humentum’s Global Director of Insights & iInfluence, Tim Boyes-Watson is responsible for working with donors and other membership networks to create transformative solutions to key operational challenges in humanitarian and development work that can be achieved by changing donor policies or creating global standards. Before the merger of Mango with Humentum and LINGOs to create Humentum, Tim served as Mango’s CEO starting in 2010. Tim continues to lead research and sector dialogues on financial management issues, such as inadequate cost coverage, fraud, and financial sustainability. Tim initiated and is playing a leading role in the development of the world’s first ever international financial reporting guidance for non-profit organizations.

Tim has worked in NGOs for over 20 years after qualifying as an accountant and working in insolvency and turnaround consulting. He was CEO of a membership organization which worked on vocational education and youth work within the UK and was country director for VSO in Vietnam. He held three roles at Christian Aid in five years: finance director, head of finance, and head of programme funding and humanitarian support and is still retained as a strategic adviser. Tim started out working in West and Southern Africa with Save the Children UK and served on the board of Bond for six years.

Tim left formal employment with Humentum in 2022, and offers consultancy services as a Humentum Associate, as well as independently.

Tim has a Master of Arts from Cambridge University, where he studied Philosophy and Economics. He lives in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire with his wife and teenage year-old daughter, in a 350-year-old house which he and his wife renovated to be as low carbon as possible.

He is a member of the IFR4NPO Practitioner Advisory Group which provide input in the development of the Exposure Draft Guidelines