Dear Stakeholders,

It’s great to reach out to you again for our October newsletter.

We appreciate the encouraging responses we received to the announcement of the naming of INPAG a few weeks ago. The feedback was very positive, including this below.

‘I absolutely love the name’ – Marcia in Barbados

‘Me parece perfecto el nombre por ustedes sugerido. Completamente de acuerdo’ – Eliecer in Ecuador

‘The video has summarized the journey so far in a succinct manner, outlined the need for INPAG, straight to the point, and in multiple languages to depict its global nature’ – Lawrence in Ghana

When INPAG Exposure Draft 1 is issued next month, it will address the four main topics listed below. You can see resources on the website for two of them by following the links.


We are launching a Supplementary Statement Working Group (SSWG) comprised of experts drawn from members of the Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG), Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and Donor Reference Group (DRG) and Country Champions. The objective of the SSWG is to provide input to the development of a standard format for an optional supplementary donor/project statement for inclusion in the general-purpose financial statements.


After announcing the name INPAG, some people shared valid concerns about the term ‘non-profit’, and its implications. There has been a long-standing debate in many countries about whether Non-Profit Organisations can or should make a profit. So, we’d like to ask you to take part in this simple poll on LinkedIn.

Click below to vote and leave a comment.


This debate inspired Zowie Pateman from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, to write a blog entitled: Can NPOs make a profit? After you have answered the poll above, take a look to see her thoughts on this topic.

Country Events

We co-host online meetings with our Country Champions all over the world to support engagement with the IFR4NPO project from stakeholders in particular countries or regions. You are welcome to join – please register by clicking the links to our events pages. You can also view the recordings and materials from previous events.

Upcoming Country Events 

  • IFR4NPO en Perú: el futuro de la información financiera de las OSFL – 4 de noviembre 2022
  • IFR4NPO en Panama: el futuro de la información financiera de las OSFL- 15 de noviembre 2022
  • IFR4NPO in Somalia: the future of non-profit financial reporting – 28 November 2022
  • IFR4NPO en Chile: el futuro de la información financiera de las OSFL – 29 de noviembre 2022


Our upcoming series of webinars will address the 4 main topics covered in INPAG Exposure Draft 1, outlining the proposals, and with plenty of time for your questions and comments. Each webinar will be held in two time zones, and support participation in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Upcoming Webinars

Past Events


Guidance Development

If you are keen to follow the technical details, you can! The technical and practitioner advisory group (TAG and PAG) meetings are public. Agendas, meeting materials, discussion summaries, and a recording are all available.

  • The TAG meeting on 29-30 September 2022 discussed narrative reporting, financial statement presentation, pervasive principles and consolidation. They also started discussions on topics for ED2, such as revenue recognition. To date, the website includes the issue papers in four languages.

             Link to TAG meeting for 29-30 September. 

In conclusion, thanks for taking the time to read our news – I’d love to hear your comments or reactions.

Please note that 21 November 2022 to 31 March 2023 will be our consultation period for INPAG ED1, so do mark some time in your diary to review the materials and develop your response.

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I look forward to connecting with you next month!

Samantha Musoke,

Project Director IFR4NPO

For the Project Team