January 2022
UTC (Session 1)
10:00 - 11:00
January 2022
UTC (Session 2)
19:00 - 20:00

ED1 Framework for INPAG

Event Overview

The online event was held in English with resources in French and Spanish.

This webinar covered the proposals in relation to Framework for INPAG as set out in the International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance Exposure Draft 1 (INPAG ED1), which was released on 21 November 2022. This includes consideration of the users of NPO financial statements and their information needs, as well as applicable concepts and pervasive principles.

Check out the resources below so that you can:

✅ Become familiar with the proposals on this topic in INPAG ED1

✅ View Questions and Answers by participants

✅ Learn how to respond to the consultation and have your say

Event Resources

  1. Video of introduction to the webinar series (See Below)
  2. Explainer Videos
  3. Question and Answer Session (See Below)
  4. Slides used during this event in three languages EN | ES | FR


Some Questions Asked During the Webinar

Applicability of INPAG

  • What’s the status of the INPAG Guidance? Being ‘internationally applicable’ does that mean it will sit above any existing national level guidance?
  • Are the circumstances where government / public sector entities might apply this guidance?


  • In the ‘Statement of Income and Expenses’, why does INPAG use the term
    income rather than ‘incoming resources’ or ‘sources’, which feel more applicable to the Non-profit sector?
  • Is equity equivalent to reserves? If so, why would it be considered rare in NPOs?


Question & Answer

ED1 Description of NPOs / Reporting entity

ED1 Financial statement presentation