INPAG Framework

INPAG uses IFRS for SME Accounting Standard as a foundational framework, with NPO-specific concepts and pervasive principles that underpin the Guidance

What's the issue?

International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance is developed using a model that draws on existing international standards written for other sectors. But needs a sector-specific framework that underpins its development and application. INPAG Section 2 sets out the ‘Concepts and pervasive principles’ for this purpose. You can view the Exposure Draft 1 below to see the proposed text.

View this 24 minute explainer video to learn more about the proposals. Click “Watch on YouTube”  to see the playlist for French and Spanish.

Explaining the Proposals

This video explains the proposals relating to the Framework for INPAG as set out in International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance, Exposure Draft 1, Section 2.




The journey so far

Initial ideas were set out in the Consultation Paper Part 1 issued in January 2021, including the proposed development model, using IFRS for SME as a foundational framework. Following the closure of the consultation response period in Oct 21, a webinar to share the feedback was held in February 2022. An additional webinar on the topic of the development model and conceptual framework was held in May 2022.  The Technical and Practitioner Advisory Groups (TAG and PAG) reflected on the responses about a conceptual framework, and have given feedback on the development of draft guidance for inclusion in INPAG ED1, together with input from two Focus Groups on this topic.

You can access all the resources from this page with the most recent first. Some are available in Spanish (ES), French (FR) and Arabic (AR) as well as English.

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