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This page is designed to help you play your crucial role on the project.  You can find presentations, scripts, social media links, template letters, records of Country Champion meetings, information about strategy and segmentation and more. Where there are links to files, look for the download button – you will not be able to log in or edit the original files on the server.

Thank you for the great work you do. You can always reach out by email to or on our whatsapp group.  Let us know how we can make this page more useful for you!


Presentations and key language

Country Awareness Meetings (CAMs)


  • 19 slides in EN | ES | FR | AR

Core language

  • Why and what – EN | ES | FR | AR





  • About IFR4NPO – EN | ES | FR
  • About IFR4NPO Consultation – EN
  • Launching INPAG – EN
  • Feedback from consultation (Feb 22) EN | SP | FR | AR


Stakeholder Segmentation

We have grouped relevant stakeholders into different segments to help us drive and measure engagement. The 5 key categories are

  • N – Non Profit Organisations (NPOs)
  • F – Funders
  • A – Accountancy Profession
  • S – Standard setters and regulators
  • O – Other

Download the full list with sub categories here.

Strategy and events

Each country strategy will be different, depending on the goal and context.  At the highest level, be clear on the appropriate 2030 goal.

  • Adopt – Your country adopts the guidance, passing relevant legislation that requires or allows certain NPOs to apply INPAG
  • Adapt – You country makes specific changes to the guidance to make it relevant to your jurisdiction, and passes relevant legislation that requires or allows certain NPOs to apply modified INPAG
  • Align – Your country has its own National Standard for non-profit organisation financial reporting, but agrees to consider making changes to be ore consistent with INPAG over time.
  • Advocate – Your country will not realistically align its own national guidance in this time frame, but can advocate for INPAG as best practice for international use in the sector.

View the high level goals and strategic actions recorded by Country Champions here.

We will be holding the following types of events

  • Country awareness meetings
  • Topic / issue based live stream videos
  • Country Champion hosted discussion groups
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Regional roundtables (physical and virtual)
  • Response clinics

See all the details here:

National level working group concept FAQ (for CC use only, not for sharing)

EN | ES | RU

CC meetings & staying connected

September 2022 meetings

June 2022 meetings

March 22 meetings

Dec 21 meetings

  • Slide deck – EN

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