Dear Stakeholders,

The countdown has begun! On March 31, we shall be closing the response period for the International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance Exposure Draft 1 (INPAG ED1).

Scroll down for links to resources, all conveniently in one place, and some short surveys.

I know, there are plenty of reasons to leave this to someone else! But be assured that your response will make a difference. The risk of NOT responding is that the INPAG goes ahead without your perspective.



Whether you are looking for a short read, long read, explainer videos, webinar resources or responses submitted to so far, we have something for you!


If submitting a full detailed response feels beyond you, and you are sharing opinions on your own behalf as an individual, try out these surveys!

  • Survey 1 – Describing NPOs / reporting entity: 14 questions
  • Survey 2 – Concept and principles: 8 questions
  • Survey 3 – Finacial statement presentation: 16 questions
  • Survey 4 – Narrative reporting: 8 questions

All the surveys can be accessed in French and Spanish.

Blog Shared by IFAC


‘Few songs have been written in praise of accounting standards!’ Perhaps it’s best kept that way, but the immense benefits of harmonised reporting by non-profits are worth singing about….’

Check out Karen Sanderson’s easy-to-digest blog: ‘INPAG ED1 proposals in a nutshell’ which has been shared by the International Federation of Accountants on on the IFAC Gateway

View the blog here.


Advisory Group Meetings

Work continues as the Technical and Practitioner Advisory Groups meet to develop Exposure Drafts 2 & 3, due for release later this year.

  • TAG meeting 10 January 2023: grant expenses, revenue and INPAG ED 1 outreach.
  • TAG meeting 28 February 2023: revenue, expenditure on grants and donations, foreign currency transactions and non-prioritised topics.
  • PAG meeting 8 March 2022: Supplementary Statements, revenue and foreign currency translation.
  • TAG meeting 28 March 2023: Supplementary Statements and foreign currency illustrative examples.


Humentum News Section

Leading by example, Humentum has drafted a response to take into account the perspectives of members and stakeholders, and to expressly represent their theory of change and the long-term interests of NGOs in the Global South. Their published response can be found by clicking this link, and highlights here.


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Samantha Musoke,

IFR4NPO Project Director, Humentum.