Dear Stakeholders,

It is a pleasure to reach out to you again and share a round-up of this month’s activities. One of my highlights for the last month was meeting with our Country Champions. I am always inspired by their energy and creativity, and I know their invaluable local knowledge and networks will help the project succeed.


We host free online events tailored to your time zone and language. These events aim to create awareness about the IFR4NPO project and highlight the important role that our international stakeholders play in achieving consistent reporting in the sector. As well as registering for upcoming events, you can access the recordings and resources from past events.


  • IFR4NPO in Nigeria -13 July 2022
  • IFR4NPO in Syria – 18 July 2022
  • IFR4NPO in Venezuela – Dando forma al futuro de los informes financieros sin fines de lucro – Partes interesadas de Venezuela 24 November 2021 (Video and slide deck resources have been added to the website).

Guidance Development


If you are keen to follow the technical details, you can! The meetings of the technical and practitioner advisory groups (TAG and PAG) are fully transparent. You can see agendas, meeting papers, discussion summaries and a recording.

  • The TAG meeting on 4 May 2022 discussed concepts and pervasive principles, reporting entity, financial statement presentation and narrative reporting. The advice and request summary, audio and video recording are now available in English here
  • The PAG meeting on 15 June 2022 discussed narrative reporting, financial statements and Issues around consolidation. The meeting documents and recording are available in English here.
  • The TAG meeting on 28 June 2022 discussed pervasive principles, narrative reporting, financial statement presentation and consolidation. For the first time, the meeting papers have been shared in four languages here.


Recently, Humentum IFR4NPO Project Director, Samantha Musoke, shared her personal view on the issue of key figures in NPO financial statements. Her opinion is shaped by 21 years of experience in engaging with stakeholders in Uganda and across Africa.

She said: ‘Financial statements have evolved to meet the needs of investors and the for-profit world. As Humentum and CIPFA develop guidance for non-profit organisations through the IFR4NPO project, we have an amazing opportunity to rethink what are the ‘important numbers’ for our sector.’

Please watch the video and let us know your thoughts on LinkedIn.

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In summary, I thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter – I’d love to hear your comments or reactions.

As you continue your own vital contribution to the work of the sector, we’ll be busy preparing the first tranche of the Exposure Draft for release in November.

I look forward to connecting with you next month!

Samantha Musoke,

Project Director IFR4NPO

For the Project Team