February Newsletter

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Growing momentum

We have published our project annual report for the year to 30 September 2021, with the theme ‘Growing momentum’. Take a look!

2021 Consultation - our response

In 2021, the project carried out a consultation to engage stakeholders’ views on proposals relating to the Guidance. We have summarized the feedback into a short online resource in the format ‘we asked, you said, we are going to…’ Check out the summary below.

2021 Consultation webinar - 2 February 2022

On 2 February we presented the feedback from the Consultation response, a webinar that was attended by 201 people from 53 countries. Click on the button below for the slide decks and recordings.

Looking ahead to Draft Guidance

Following completion of Phase 1 of the project, which was the consultation, we are now focussing on developing the draft Guidance with input from the Technical and Practitioner Advisory Groups. We plan to do this work in three tranches, each culminating in an Exposure Draft, followed by a 4-month response period. Find out more below.

Meet new Country Champions

We are pleased to introduce three new Country Champions, for Morocco, Romania and Benin. We are thrilled to have them contribute their expertise and enthusiasm to the project. You can see the full list of Country Champions here. Feel free to reach out to your Country Champion, or contact us to volunteer here if your country does not yet have one.

Non-English Resources

We aim to provide more content and resources for stakeholders in French, Spanish and Arabic to support greater engagement. We have created a new page on the website that curates the videos, events and written content in those languages for easier access.

Donor Reference Group

The Donor Reference Group met on 27 October 2021 to discuss how funders can use general-purpose financial reports. The report is available below.

DRG Oct 21 Report – donors as users of GPFR


Guidance Development

Following the closure of the consultation, the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) have met to discuss the form of the Guidance, and the approach to developing it. Check out the papers, recordings and outputs for the meetings below (TAG in December, PAG in November).

Humentum Update

Humentum has developed an anti-fraud and bribery policy template for NGOs, which complements the Fighting Fraud in NGOs online course. This free resource is designed to be edited to match your needs and circumstances. Download the template below.

CIPFA Update

IFR4NPO Project Director Samantha Musoke joined an episode of CIPFA Speaks! podcast to discuss fraud prevention in the non-profit sector and provided an update on the joint CIPFA and Humentum IFR4NPO project. Click below to listen.

IFR4NPO Online Community

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