June 2020
11:00 - 13:00

TAG meeting, 02 June, online


Meeting agenda 

Agenda items

1. Measurement of inventory held for use or distribution: paper

2. Preface and Consultation Paper Part 1 Updates: paper

Note: This paper includes updates to the project objectives in the preface, and redrafts of Consultation Paper Part 1: ‘Section 1 What are Non-Profit Organisations?’ and ‘Section 5 A proposed way forward’.

Supplementary Information; Project Background and History: paper

Note: This contains material that has been removed from the earlier draft Consultation Paper Part 1 Section 1 and may be helpful in reviewing the updated section 1. 


The minutes are shared in the form of agreed ‘Advice’ (since it is an Advisory Group) and ‘Requests’ from the TAG for information or action.

Advice and requests


The audio file of this online meeting, chaired by Ian Carruthers, is a word-for-word recording of the meeting.
  • 00:00:00 Inventory held for use or distribution
  • 00:39:42 Preface, particularly project objectives and scope
  • 00:57:40 Redrafted Consultation Paper Part 1, Section 1
  • 01:26:05 Redrafted Consultation Paper Part 1, Section 5

Audio recording 


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