September 2022
Time zone: UTC
11:00 - 12:30

PAG meeting, 12 September, Online


Meeting agenda in EN | ES | FR | AR

Agenda items

  1. Issues arising from TAG review of draft Exposure Draft 1
  2. Review of PAG feedback on draft Implementation Guidance and Illustrative Examples
  3. Revenue recognition: Paper in EN | ES | FR | AR

Early drafts of materials associated with the Guidance are being provided to the PAG to inform its development. PAG papers or agenda items may make reference to these development materials. These materials are not currently being shared publicly pending all relevant license agreements being put in place. The intention is to share these drafts when possible.


The minutes are shared in the form of a ‘Discussion Summary’ (since the PAG does not need to reach a consensus in the advice given) and ‘Requests’ for further information either to or from the PAG.

These will be shared after the meeting, once signed off by the PAG.


Please note that any translations of the agenda, issue papers and minutes are auto-translated using software. It is hoped that this will help support engagement and understanding, but they should not be relied upon for technical purposes. We regret any translation inaccuracies.


The recording will be shared after the meeting.

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