May 2022
UTC time zone
10:00 - 11:30

IFR4NPO in Sierra Leone – the future of non-profit financial reporting

Event Overview

Professionals who have an interest or financial reporting for non-profit organisations in Sierra Leone and internationally took part in the IFR4NPO Country Awareness meeting.

The event provided participants with the opportunity to:

✅Learn more about the IFR4NPO Project to develop internationally applicable financial reporting guidelines for non-profit organisations.
✅Discuss key questions and issues relevant to international NPO financial reporting.
✅Meet other relevant stakeholders.
✅Discover how to participate in the consultation process in 2022/23 to ensure that the voices and perspectives of stakeholders in Sierra Leone are reflected.

The resources from the event can be found below.

Slide deck


IFRS for SME as a start point - the rationale

IFR4NPO in Nigeria – the future of non-profit financial reporting