July 2024
11:00 - 12:00

Fund accounting – Proposals in INPAG ED3

Event Overview

The free online event will be held in English with resources in French and Spanish.

This webinar covers the proposals for fund accounting in International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance Exposure Draft 3 (INPAG). This is relevant because:

  • Separate tracking of restricted income and how it is spent, facilitates accountability for funds given for specific purposes
  • Transparency about unrestricted income and how it is spent, builds confidence for funders to give unrestricted funding
  • Visibility about unrestricted fund balances and reserves, allows readers to assess financial sustainability

Learn more about:

  • What is fund accounting?
  • What types of funds are defined in INPAG?
  • How are transactions and balances presented in the financial statements and notes?

Who should attend?

Anyone is welcome, but it will be most relevant for:

  • Non-profit organisations – Senior Finance Staff, board treasurers, and other interested staff from finance, grants, compliance, programmes or audit etc
  • Grant-providing organisations (eg donor agencies, philanthropic organisations or INGOs) that assess grantees or set reporting policies
  • Auditors of NPOs,
  • Regulators of NPOs,
  • Accounting bodies and standard setters,
  • Relevant networks of the above,
  • Interested trainers, consultants or academics.

Participants will be able to:

  • Become familiar with the proposals in INPAG ED3
  • Share comments and ask questions
  • Discover how to participate in the consultation process.

In case you have any special needs, please contact us on info@ifr4npo.org and we will do our best to accommodate them.

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Learning approach

The online event will include a pre-recorded video, polls, and question/comment and answer. The pre-recorded video will be available in French and Spanish. Captions can be auto-translated by each participant.

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