April 2022
UTC time zone
10:00 - 11:00

IFR4NPO Focus Group - Narrative reporting 1

Event Overview

This small focus group discussion was for selected individuals invited on the basis of their stakeholder type, region and engagement on this topic.

The IFR4NPO Consultation Paper examined the topic of narrative reporting (also known as non-financial information reporting), in both Parts 1 and Part 2.

In response to Part 1, respondents were in favour of the inclusion of narrative reporting, but feedback was provided on a range of conceptual and practical challenges to Guidance for NPOs that included non-financial information reporting requirements. This included the scope of reporting, balancing prescription and flexibility, and the capacity and capability of NPOs to collect, verify and report relevant data.

In response to Part 2, there was relatively even support for the approach based on Integrated Reporting and the approach based on IASB/IPSASB guidance. The majority of respondents also favoured guidance that was at the level of an over-arching framework and high-level principles rather than specific reporting requirements.

The focus group explored issues raised by respondents and a proposed approach to developing narrative reporting guidance. This concentrated on the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed approach that had been developed on the basis of the consultation responses. Of particular interest was the extent to which this meets the needs of users, the implications for preparers, and any additional specific reporting requirements that may be required.


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