November 2023
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13:00 - 14:00

ED2 - Inventories

The free online event held in English with resources in French and Spanish.

This webinar covered the proposals in relation to Inventories that are set out in the International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance Exposure Draft 2 (INPAG ED2).

The webinar took the following questions and comments from participants:

Q1: How can NPOs measure fair value for donated inventory?

Q2: The exceptions only apply to ‘low value’ inventory. How is that defined?

Q3: Does the guidance in INPAG Section 13 apply to stocks and shares, or only to inventories?

Q4: Why can’t the accounting approach for inventories be mandatory and consistent? The use of exceptions brings in liberty, choices and even excuses that can be used to cover up fraud.

Q5: Can an organisation set its own threshold to define ‘low value’ inventory items in its own context, in the same way that many organisations have a capitalization threshold for non-current assets?

Q6: How can an organisation measure ‘loss of service potential’ of inventory? And how would that be accounted for?

Q7: Could ‘low value’ inventory be defined in terms of a percentage of the whole of inventory?

Q8: What does it mean to create a separate class of inventory, and when might that be useful?

Q9: How is ‘work-in-progress- relevant for NPOs? Can you share some examples that show why the exceptions might be useful?

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