Using the online survey

Your opportunity to shape the future of financial reporting for non-profit organisations.

How to take part in the online survey

You can respond to consultation by taking part in the online survey.  The survey covers all of the questions in the Consultation Paper.  There is a survey for Part 1 and a separate survey for Part 2.

☑ Part 1 closed on 30 July 2021

☑ Part 2 will close on 7 October 2021*

*Deadline extended on request from 24 September 2021

How to submit your survey guide

Check out IFR4NPO Project Director, Samantha Musoke’s, step by step guide on how to submit your response to Part 2 of the Consultation Paper using the online survey.

To launch the survey click the buttons below.  On entering the survey you will be provided with a unique ID that you can use to return to the survey.  You should make a note of this ID or email it to yourself through the link in the survey. You may return to the survey as many times as you wish before submitting it.  You can respond to as many questions as you wish. Your responses will be recorded as you go along.

If you are returning to the survey, use the separate button below ‘Returning visitor’, which will allow you to input your ID and pick up from your previous responses.  If you chose the option to email yourself your ID, search for ‘IFR4NPO Consultation ID’ in your inbox. If you lose your ID please contact us here.

Part 2: Online survey

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