“I am excited to be part of the IFR4NPO to share the best practices experienced in my career as well as looking forward to expanding my skills and knowledge to areas that are beyond my career boundaries. I look forward to have a level ground acceptable by all stakeholders in NPO sector financial reporting.”

Country Champion

Owen Chitete

Finance and Accounting Specialist at CARE International

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Mr. Owen Chitete is an Accounting, Finance, Administrative, and Grants Project Management expert and trainer with over seventeen years of progressive experience. Mr Chitete has worked with and supported various NGOs in Malawi in building financial and grants management capabilities.

Over the past 4 years, Owen has worked and collaborated with Humentum, Niras, and GOPA Worldwide Consultant in supporting various NGOs and companies in the area of financial management capacity assessment, capacity building, and financial sustainability strategies development and governance respectively. Of late, Owen played a part in the IFR4NPO consultation process.

Prior to freelance financial management consulting, Owen also served in managerial positions at Malawi Government-owned National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) Limited, World Vision International – Malawi office, Jhpiego Corporations. In these organizations, Owen managed USAID, DoD, PEPFER, and GIZ-funded projects.

Owen is a Chartered Accountant in Malawi and holder of Masters in Business Administration.

“The IFR4NPO project represents an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on the nonprofit sector in our country. By adopting International Financial Reporting standards tailored for the nonprofit organizations, we can enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency in our sector. This project’s dedication to promoting financial best practices will undoubtedly empower NGOs to better serve their missions and the communities they support. I look forward to working closely with the IFR4NPO team and fellow champions to drive meaningful change, foster collaboration, and create a stronger and more sustainable nonprofit landscape in Malawi.”


Emmanuel Nyirenda

Finance Manager, Imagine Worldwide

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Emmanuel Nyirenda is an experienced finance professional who has over 14 years of dedicated expertise in both External and Internal Audit, showcasing a proven track record of delivering excellence in financial management. As a Fellow member of ACCA (FCCA), he brings forth a robust foundation in accountancy and a steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards in financial reporting and guidance.

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from the University of Malawi and an MBA from Bolton University. Throughout his professional journey, he has demonstrated a consistent drive to expand his knowledge and contribute meaningfully to the financial sector. This journey has seen him assuming significant leadership roles, notably that of Country Financial Controller for Concern Worldwide and Country Finance Manager for Nascent Solutions.

Emmanuel’s present role as Finance Manager for Imagine Worldwide allows him to continue leveraging his extensive insights into financial management and reporting to propel organizational success. His commitment transcends his professional responsibilities, as he actively fosters stakeholder engagement, lends his support to project newsletters and resources, and ardently advocates for the IFR4NPO project. He also contributes to fundraising endeavors as circumstances warrant.