“I am excited about the IFR4NPO project because I know that there is a huge gap between profit organization and NPO. Many of NPO institutions have accounting issues and they don’t know how to solve it as there is lack of guidance in Indonesia for NPO transaction.”

Country Champion

Ersa Tri Wahyuni

Associate Professor in Accounting Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

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Ersa Tri Wahyuni has more than 15 years in the accounting industry as a respected academic as well as advisor and consultant for numerous non-profit entities in Indonesia. She is also a member of Indonesian Financial Accounting Standard Board since 2015-2023 and currently serves as the vice chairman of the Indonesian Institute of Management Accountant. As a member of the accounting standard board, she was heavily involved in the development of the accounting standard for NPO in Indonesia (ISAK 35). As a consultant, she assisted many non-profit organizations in Indonesia to develop their accounting policies which include education institutions, social security agencies, Land Bank, and Hajj Fund Management Institution. She also serves as the member of the audit committee of Universitas Padjadjaran, a body to oversee the university financial reports and governance.