“We are excited to be part of the project because there will be a standardised accounting and reporting for the CSO sector – whereas we are currently struggling with the adoption of IPSAS. We believe that IFR4NPO is tailored for the sector so that it will be much easier to implement and fits the purpose very well.”

Country Champion

Meti Busha

Financial Management Trainer and Consultant, AGAR Development Partners

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Meti Busha has long years of experience in the sphere of financial management and grant management at different international NGOs such as CSSP-British Council, World Vision Ethiopia, PACT Ethiopia & RTI Ethiopia. She has managed different donors’ funds such as USAID, DFID, AUSAID, and other major donors working in Ethiopia. She has significant skills & experience in capacity development activities on the subject of financial management, grant management & sustainability training & mentoring. She has also exposure in working on the overall organisational development, system design and other consultancy services for the efficiency and profitability of five for-profit companies that are different in nature.