“Being a professional Accountant and Financial Management expert in the NPO Sector, I have been discussing with Accounting Professionals about the immense need of having standardized financial reporting. I am glad now that I am going to be part of this IFR4NPO project. I am excited to be able to contribute to developing this Guidance through the lens of identifying gaps and challenges faced by the non-profit sector.”

Country Champion

Azahar Ali

Country Financial Controller and Assistant Country Director, Concern Worldwide

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Azahar Ali has 15 years of professional experience with non-profit organizations (NPOs) in leading the finance department, financial reporting, strategic management, risk management, change management, money laundering prevention, internal control, internal audit, partnership / sub-grant management, due diligence, consortium management, grants & awards management, financial management, project cycle management, capacity building and organizational system management. His passion is to learn new knowledge and ways of working. He has work experience with renowned national and international NGOs, microfinance institute and research organizations.

He has been working with Concern Worldwide, Bangladesh as Country Financial Controller and Assistant Country Director since 2014. He has completed his Masters in Business Studies and is a fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). He has keen interest in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and also conducts trainings and workshops on IFRS, grant management, compliance and overall financial management to build the capacity of this sector. He is committed to contribute for the development of the society with his knowledge and wisdom. He is highly motivated and always supports others with his capacity, knowledge and positive attitudes.

““As an experienced professional in NGO Accounting and Financial Management, I’m excited to join the IFR4NPO project. I’ll contribute by examining and addressing gaps in standardised financial reporting for non-profits, aiming to make a meaningful impact in this endeavor.””


Md. Rafiqul Islam

Head of Finance and Administration, ActionAid Bangladesh

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Md. Rafiqul Islam ACA brings over 19 years of expertise in financial management and audit, specializing in grant and sub-grant management, including partnership finance. Currently serving as the Head of Finance at ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB), he holds a pivotal leadership position with comprehensive responsibilities spanning financial management, grant administration, internal control systems, and ensuring compliance with donor requirements and statutory regulations.

Beyond routine financial tasks, a substantial aspect of his role involves robust risk management. This includes addressing challenges inherent to grant funding and navigating complexities within the operational environment. His dedication lies in upholding the highest standards of financial governance, contributing significantly to the sustainability and success of ActionAid Bangladesh’s impactful initiatives.

Md. Rafiqul Islam ACA is an Associated Chartered Accountant (ACA) under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh. Holding a master’s degree in accounting from the National University of Bangladesh, he currently serves as the Head of Finance at ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB).