M Anwarul Karim

Role: Executive Director- Standard Setting, Financial Reporting Council

Country: Bangladesh

Nominated by: Bangladesh


Mohammad Anwarul Karim has been in charge of the standard-setting division of FRC, Bangladesh, since July 2018. FRC is the accounting standard setter for Bangladesh, with authority to adopt, compile, and promulgate standards for business entities, NPOs, and public sector entities. At his leadership, FRC recently prepared five tier financial reporting framework and standards for the public sector entities to move from cash basis accounting to accrual basis IPSAS gradually. In his present role, he is the chair of standard-related working groups and technical committees formed by FRC and a coordinator with the international and regional standard-setter bodies.

Before joining FRC, Mohammad worked in public accounting, designing and developing financial reporting systems and auditing nonprofit organizations in Bangladesh and the USA. He also performed international assignments in Tanzania, Uganda, and Tajikistan. During 2008-2009 he worked as Professional Standards Consultant in the Twinning Project of ICAEW and ICAB for two years in full convergence of ICAB audit practice and study materials to IFRS and ISAs.