Philip McMinn Mitchell

Role: Consultant, Civil Society TA

Country: Switzerland

Nationality: UK


A UK-qualified Chartered Accountant (EY and Grant Thornton) with six years’ experience as manager for corporate audit and donor assurance with PwC in Uganda. Since leaving public practice in 2002, work with donors, auditors and non-profit organisations (funded by the EU, PEPFAR and USAID) has helped align their expectations of grant management and reporting. Working in East and Southern Africa, before moving to Switzerland to join the Global Fund, Philip specialises in capacity building for donors and grantees and supports the risk management and audit relationships for these organisations in the global health and humanitarian sectors.

IFR4NPO combines the public sector accounting and audit fundamentals of CiPFA with the breadth of experience from grassroots to mega-donor within the Humentum membership. I work with large donors and with international NGO both of whom want to ease the burden of, and improve the quality of, the reporting relationship with non-profit organisations and so IFR4NPO is a natural forum for me to join.