Ebenezer Omitogun

Job title: Communications Manager, IFR4NPO Project

Role: Communications Manager, IF4RNPO

Region: West Africa

Contact details:
T: +2347062313339


Ebenezer Omitogun is the Communications Manager, IF4RNPO. Throughout his career, Ebenezer has effectively mastered communication in storytelling and disseminating project processes and impact to partners and key stakeholders and has eight years of professional experience in various non-profit organizations worldwide. His expertise in the strategic use of key digital channels (social media, website, and email marketing) increased visibility and awareness of diverse projects that he worked on. Furthermore, his proficiency in design and copywriting is an asset that aids him when creating digital content (copy, video, and graphics) with relevant tools and software.

Before joining Humentum, Ebenezer worked with Common Purpose, Oxfam, and VSO in various professional capacities. These organizations helped refine his skills and provided the necessary experience and cultural intelligence (CQ) to work effectively within multicultural, professionally diverse teams.

Ebenezer has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and is on course to complete his MSc in Business Administration. He also has various certifications in communications and marketing-related courses.

Ebenezer works from Lagos, Nigeria, where he lives with his wife and two-year-old son, with whom he shares the birthdate. When he isn’t thinking about IFR4NPO, Ebenezer watches or plays football and video games with his son. His professional hobbies are networking and learning new things on YouTube.