An initiative to develop internationally applicable financial reporting guidance for non-profit organisations

Improving accountability, consistency, transparency and trust.

Consultation is key

There are no international standards guiding NPOs (NGOs and other non-profit organisations) how to prepare their annual audited accounts. While a few countries have their own standards for NPOs, these differ from each other. International standards that exist for businesses do not address all the needs of NPOs’ stakeholders, like accounting for grants.

The IFR4NPO initiative represents a once in a generation opportunity to transform the financial reporting landscape and create a much more solid foundation for the non-profit sector to demonstrate its accountability and secure the trust of its many stakeholders.

Our Consultation Paper was closed on 7 October 2021. Responses to Part 1 of the consultation have been analysed and the summary feedback is here. We presented our findings on 2 February 2022. View the event resources here.


A global project

So far sector stakeholders from 157 countries have registered their interest in this project. Designed with diversity and inclusion as its heart, we seek to engage with individuals from a range of different stakeholder groups, nationalities, geographical locations, races and genders. This is important for many reasons, including the credibility and validity of the guidance development process and the quality of the final product. Subscribe for free to receive project updates.

We are delighted at the global diversity of the participation with our Consultation Paper. 964 people from 96 countries engaged with our outreach events and responses were received from 208 individuals and organisations from 33 countries.

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