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Welcome to this month’s edition, where we spotlight selected feedback to ‘Exposure Draft 1’ from a diverse range of respondents. Do the issues they mention resonate with you – do you see your views reflected? IFR4NPO is such an ambitious, long-term project – and it looked so impossibly daunting when we started! Our picture book reflection “The Journey So Far” has further encouraged me to look ahead with confidence and hope. As we prepare for Exposure Draft 2, we are grateful for the contributions to our recent Focus Groups Discussions. This month we also celebrate our wonderful community on LinkedIn, and welcome new champions and advisors from Venezuela, Indonesia, and Kenya. Read on!
We appreciate those who alerted us to a broken link in last month’s newsletter. This was clearly a topic of interest, so in this edition, we have re-featured the section titled “Possible Path to Harmonisation of Donor Reporting.” Thank you for your feedback!

Focus Group Discussions

Focus Group ED2

We have held four focus group discussions this month – seeking the views of invited stakeholders from diverse groups and regions. These have been invaluable to test ideas, get examples, and shape our thinking as we develop Exposure Draft 2. The focus groups covered 4 topics as shown in the graphic below, with input from people in 25 countries.

Introducing new community members

We are thrilled to announce the appointments of Ersa Tri Wahyuni as Country Champion for Indonesia and Clondy Garcia as Deputy Country Champion for Venezuela. The Technical Advisory Group were also delighted to welcome Catherine Asemeit, following her nomination by the Institutes of Certified Public Accountants of East Africa. These appointments further strengthen our commitment to promoting the development of equitable and accountable financial reporting practices for non-profit organisations.

Spotlight: Your Voice Matters

We were delighted to receive responses to International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance Exposure Draft 1, from organisations as diverse as The World Bank, Financial Reporting Council Bangladesh, The Ford Foundation Brazil office, and Mengo Hospital Uganda. From the 67 responses received, we have commenced a series on LinkedIn to spotlight selected submissions. So far, we have featured summary responses from AABE (Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia)ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)EmpactaPKF KenyaSo W!se AfricaFinancial Reporting Council Bangladesh and Humentum.

As you read their comments, please do react, comment and re-post – whether you agree or not. Rich debate will help us chart the best course!

Reflecting on Our Progress

After completing INPAG Exposure Draft 1, we looked back at the incredible story of IFR4NPO since 2014. To showcase our milestones, we have created “The Journey So Far,” a picture book. Your dedication and collaboration have played a vital role in this success. Thank you for sharing our vision and joining us on this journey.

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Possible path to harmonisation of donor reporting? (Re-featured)

In September 2022, the project convened a working group to explore options for a standard format ‘Supplementary Statement’ that would cover specified activities such as for a particular grant or project. The proposals were presented to the Donor Reference Group (DRG), the Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) and most recently to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) in March. You can view the proposals and challenges discussed here.

Download discussion paper.

Advisory Group Meetings

On 18 May 2023, the Technical Advisory Group showed their dedication by meeting for 3 hours at all times of the day and night! You can check out the papers and recording here.


In the coming days, the Practitioner Advisory Group and Donor Reference Group will also be meeting. We are delighted that Open Society Foundations have recently joined the Donor Reference Group.

• The Donor Reference Group meeting – 25 May 2023
• Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) meeting – 07 June 2023

Humentum Blog - NPO financial sustainability

Readers of NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) financial statements are often interested to understand more about an organisation’s financial sustainability. Humentum recently hosted a webinar on the topic to share perspectives and real-life experiences from across the sector, moderated by Humentum’s CEO, Christine Sow. The highlights are brought out in this blog.



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