August 2020
Time zone: BST
11:00 - 13:00

PAG meeting, 4 August, online


Meeting agenda

Agenda items

1. Update on Consultation Paper review groups

2. Guidance objectives and scope: paper

3. Cash and modified cash accounting basis: paper

4. Donor reference group: paper


The minutes are shared in the form of a ‘Discussion Summary’ (since the PAG does not need to reach a consensus in the advice given) and ‘Requests’ for further information either to or from the PAG.

Discussion Summary and Requests


The audio files of this online meeting, chaired by Samantha Musoke, give a word-for-word recording of the meeting.
  • Audio 1 00:00:00 Item 1 Verbal update
  • Audio 1 00:07:43 Item 2 on the Guidance objectives and scope
  • Audio 1 00:27:13 Item 3a on the accounting basis as explained in the CP Chapters 2 & 3
  • Audio 2 00:00:00 Item 3b on the accounting basis supplementary resource
  • Audio 2 00:49:06 Item 4 on the Donor Reference Group

Audio file 1

Audio file 2

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