Mark Omona

Country: Uganda

Role: Director Standards and Regulation, ICPAU (Institute of Certified Public Accountants Uganda)

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Mark Omona has been the Director Standards and Regulation at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants Uganda (ICPAU) since 2018, providing leadership, developing capabilities and delivering impact in all matters relating to standards, regulation and compliance in accountancy in Uganda. Prior to that he was the ICPAU Technical Manager, being the primary contact point on all matters relating to external and internal audit, financial reporting and accounting, taxation, ethics, investigation and disciplinary, practice management, anti-money laundering and quality assurance.

I am excited about the IFR4NPO project because this will bring much-needed consistency and comparability to financial reporting in the Non-Profit sector. As a Professional Accountancy Organisation, we are keen to participate in initiatives that raise the quality of financial reporting.