Consultation Paper

Your opportunity to shape the future of financial reporting for non-profit organisations.

Consultation Paper coming soon!

What is the Consultation Paper?

The Consultation Paper is the first step in developing internationally applicable financial reporting guidance for NPOs. It provides the opportunity for those interested in or affected by NPO financial reporting to contribute to the development of a solution for the sector.

Who should respond to the Consultation Paper?

Anyone is welcome to respond to the questions in the consultation paper. We are particularly interested to hear from preparers, auditors and users of financial reports, such as funders, regulators, trustees, beneficiaries and the public in every country of the world.

View the Consultation Paper slide deck here.
View the video here.

How should I respond?

After the Consultation Paper is launched on 28 Jan 2021, this page on the website will contain links and instructions to access the Consultation Paper and respond to the questions. Read the presentation above or watch the video to learn more about what will be in it, and how to respond.

This extract from the Nigeria stakeholders’ meeting on 4 November 2020 shows Samantha Musoke, IFR4NPO Project Director, Humentum explaining the Consultation Process.

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