Introducing IFR4NPO webinar 8 June 2020

Introduction to IFR4NPO


Discover the future of NPO financial reporting!

IFR4NPO led a free interactive webinar on 8 June 2020.

Introduction to IFR4NPO – a ground breaking initiative to develop the world’s first internationally applicable financial reporting guidance.

Those who attended included:

  • NPO finance staff – as preparers of financial reports.
  • Grant officers, donors, regulators and civil society – as users of NPO financial reports.
  • Auditors and accounting software firms with non-profit clients – as service providers.

Participants were encouraged to take away:

  • A new perspective on financial reporting challenges experienced by different stakeholders.
  • A clear understanding of how the guidance will be developed and how it could affect them.
  • A readiness to ensure their voice is heard.


Sam MusokeTim Boyes-Watson and Karen Sanderson

Watch the full webinar below

Posted: 17-06-2020

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