Assets held for service potential

Assets are held by non-profit organisations for their ability to deliver to service recipients, rather than to generate return.

What are the issues?

How should assets that are held for their value to the organisation in delivering services be measured, both initially and subsequently? What if the asset is donated and how is valuation impacted if the asset has to be returned? If an asset that is being held for its service potential (e.g. does not generate any income, or income at below market rate) is impaired, how is the impairment calculated? When an impairment has been recognised, what disclosures should be made?

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The Consultation Paper material for this topic is under development.

The TAG has discussed this topic, informed by a draft technical issue paper. To see what the TAG discussed, what they said about the draft technical paper and the advice and requests made of the project team, read the meeting papers and listen to the audio recordings.


What are your opinions on this issue?

If you would like to contribute to the discussion in advance of the Consultation Paper, join the conversation.

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