Guidance Development

The Guidance is being developed in three phases with input from advisors around the world.

Three phase process

The project is developing internationally applicable financial reporting guidance for non-profit organisations using a process similar to that used in setting international accounting standards.

The Consultation Phase

The Consultation Phase involves the development of a Consultation Paper that articulates the issues, both at framework level and in relation to specific accounting issues. It sets out alternative approaches and requests input from a wide range of stakeholders to obtain an evidence base for choices to be made in later phases.

The Exposure Draft

The Exposure Draft is a draft form of the final Guidance. Drawing on the analysis from the consultation phase, it sets out specific proposals, including accounting treatments, for feedback. It also provides some explanations as to why specific treatments were preferred, and worked examples for how the presentation would appear in a set of financial statements.

The Final Guidance

The Final Guidance is issued taking account of the feedback from the Exposure Draft, ready for adoption by entities and jurisdictions.

Advisors to development process

The development process is guided by two groups of expert volunteer advisors: the Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) and Technical Advisory Group (TAG). You can see details of their roles, members and meetings below:

Technical Advisory Group – role & members  | meetings

Practitioner Advisory Group – role & members  | meetings

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