Guidance Development

The project is developing International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance (INPAG)


INPAG will be a stand-alone Guidance so that preparers and auditors can find what they need in one place. Using the IFRS for SMEs as a starting point, changes will be made to address the prioritized non-profit issues. The application will be up to each jurisdiction, but the NPOs we have in mind during the development process need to track assets and liabilities and report on a range of transactions and activities to meet the needs of the users of their financial reports. Check out this video for more.

Three phase process

The development process is similar to that used in international accounting standards, with input from advisors and stakeholders around the world.

The Consultation Phase

The Consultation Phase involved the development of a Consultation Paper that was issued in January 2021. It articulates the issues and sets out alternative approaches and questions. It closed for responses on October 7 2021. Input from a range of stakeholders provide an evidence base for choices made in the drafting stage.

The Drafting Phase

The ‘Exposure Draft’ is an early version of the Guidance that will be released for public comment. The sector specific issues covered in the Exposure Draft will be issued in three tranches from late 2022.

The Launch Phase

The Final Guidance will be issued taking account of the feedback from the Exposure Draft, ready for adoption by entities and jurisdictions.

Accounting Issues

A number of sector specific challenges are being addressed by the IFR4NPO project. For the Consultation Phase, ten accounting issues are being considered, as outlined in Part 2 of the Consultation Paper. Follow the link below to explore each one, with a deep dive into the challenges and possible solutions. Find links to the relevant technical papers as discussed by the project’s Advisory Groups.

Advisors to development process

The development process is guided by two groups of expert volunteer advisors: the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and the Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG). You can see details of their roles, members and meetings below:

Technical Advisory Group – role & members  | meetings

Practitioner Advisory Group – role & members  | meetings