“I am excited about the IFR4NPO project because an agreement on a globally accepted accounting standards for NPOs will save a lot of time and efforts for the organisations and donors which will lead to increase in the effectiveness of NPOs arround the world. This will also increase the impact of humanitarian work and better access to people in need.”

Country Champion

Khalaf Abdulbari Khalaf

Finance Expert, Solidarités International

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Khalaf lives in Qamishli in the North East of Syria.

He obtained a degree in Economics (Insurance & Banking) from Al-Furat University in 2014 and a Master’s in Insurance & Finance from Damascus University in 2020.

Before joining the non-profit sector, Khalaf worked as Assistant Lecturer at Al-Furat University faculty of Economics (2015), as Director of Risk Management Department at the Syrian Insurance Supervisory Commission (2017-2018) and as Finance Manager at Future Trading and Contracting (2018-2020)

He joined CARE International’s Hasakeh/ Derik office as a Finance Officer- Grants and Contracts Management. He was surprised to discover that there was no sector equivalent to the reporting standards he had become familiar with within the insurance world.