Jeanette Calder

Country: Jamaica

Role: Executive Director, Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal

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Jeanette has spent the last eight years fully engaged in civil society advocacy for improved public governance with a focus on matters related to procurement, corruption and public sector reform. She served the Jamaica Civil Society Coalition, (an umbrella organisation of 21 civil society groups) as C0-Executive Director (2013-2015). She is founder and Executive Director of the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal, a two-year-old not-for-profit that exposes, tracks and measures public accountability issues with a focus on improving national financial management.

I am indefatigably expectant about the changes public accountability brings to national development and find it terribly fitting that through this ground-breaking worldwide collaboration, NPOs will begin to hold themselves to a standard of financial accountability, no less than that which we demand from our Governments. Sleeves are rolled and ready to rumble!