Tshewang Penjor

Role: Finance Coordinator

Country: Bhutan

Nationality: Bhutan

Contact details:


Tshewang’s work in Save the Children Bhutan Country Office, since July 2018, involves implementing programs and projects in partnership with national NGOs. Before that, he served in various ministries and government agencies such as the Department of Public Accounts, the Department of Livestock, Judiciary and the Royal Bhutan Army as an Accountant and Admin in charge for over 15 years. During his time in the Department of Public Accounts, Ministry of Finance, and Royal Government of Bhutan, he dealt with external funding support for NGOs.

He graduated from Royal Thimphu College with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, a major in accounting.  After two years of Certificate Course in Financial Management from Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu Bhutan and three months of International Financial Management training in Bangalore, India, he specialized in Government Budgeting, Accounting, and Revenue Accounting and served as a member of the Public Expenditure Management System’s enhancement team. He has also completed Save the Children’s Financial Management course, basic Agresso training and ‘Fighting Fraud in NGOs’ in Bangkok, Thailand.

I am excited to be part of the IFR4NPO project because I believe in practical things rather than theoretical knowledge.  I can share my professional skills to help NGOs to streamline financial reporting and at the same time learn new changes. NGOs play a critical role in developing nations wherever the state is unable to support deprived citizens. They need clear guidelines to prepare financials statements.